Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bologna Sausage Mousse

After having worked hard on different matters (including the website with my portfolio whose link is here on the left column), I should have finally some time to come back again to post a recipe with photos about every week.
To help you forgiving me I'm posting a very typical recipe of my city, Bologna, with the preparation registered in the local Chamber of Commerce (so it's their responsability if you don't like it!).

Ingredients for approximately 6 persons: 11 ozs of Bologna Sausage, 3,5 ozs. of ricotta cheese, 1 spoon of grated parmesan cheese, 1 spoon of cream.

Preparation: mince the bologna, then add the ricotta and the parmesan cheese. Mix all together until you'll have a homogeneous dough. Put it into an electric mixer together with the cream and let it run until you'll create a soft mousse. Serve the mousse upon some warm croûtons or toasted bread, upon whom you could spread some butter before.

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5 commenti :

Iacopo, papà Lele e mamma Sere said...

finalmente l'area commenti sul tuo bellissimo blog!
Ti seguo da molto e le tue ricette e le tue fotografie sono davvero spettacolari!
Complimenti ancora.
Sere -

Alessandro Guerani said...

Grazie Sere,

purtroppo per qualche mese, non so per quale misterioso motivo, si era settato lo stop dei commenti.
Grazie dei complimenti e spero di rivederti qua per la prossima ricetta.

Il gatto goloso said...

Una mousse delicata ideale da servire durante le feste ormai vicine! Sempre complimenti per le meravigliose fotografie!

casalba said...

I can almost taste this and it looks delicious too. Perfect as a starter for guests during this season. Thanks.

French Cooking for Dummies said...

I can't wait to try that recipe! Your pictures are amazing. I love your blog, I'm blogrolling you.

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