Sunday, February 27, 2011

Verica Bread

Pane Verica

It has been some time since I managed to shoot something for myself. Then yesterday I bought this bread, that is a very typical product from Verica, a small hamlet up in the Appennini mountains south of Modena, and I thought "hmmm, why not?". You can read more about this kind of bread here (in Italian language), suffice to say that is perfect to eat together with some good salami like prosciutto or ciccioli (cured pork rind made in Modena).

(Alessandro Guerani is a professional photographer specialized in food shooting. He lives in Bologna, Italy, and is available for assignments to create the images you always craved. Read the "About me" or contact him using the "Mail me" in the blog menu above.)

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5 commenti :

Miriam said...

Beautiful shot and lovely scale.

Michael said...

Ciao Ale,

It's a beautiful composition. I have to say that I always find the colors in your images to be so incredibly appealing.

Alessandro Guerani said...


Yeah, I felt in love with it the first time I saw it.



clippingimages said...

lovely shoots :)

Jann said...

This is a gorgeous shot~

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