Wednesday, September 7, 2011


(Canon 5dmkII, Nikon Micro Nikkor 105/2.8, 0.4", f11, ISO 100)

I know that the photo of today could look "simplicistic" but believe, it wasn't. If you're interested in food photography, read on.
I spent more time setting up this shot that cooking and styling a whole stuffed turkey. But which were the problems? The greater one is that when you shoot white food you're always on the thin rope between blowing out its texture or ending up with a "grayish" blob that isn't exactly the appetizing look you (and your customer) would like to see. You have to nail exposure very precisely while the lighting must allow the food texture and shape to show off. Here I opted for a single light, a small softbox placed almost behind the food with plenty of reflector all around. Light from behind exalted textures and the transparency of the salad leaf while reflectors opened up the shadows that, as you can notice, are very very soft. A fill light would have flatten out the shape of the mozzarella with the additional risk to blow out some highlights in the texture. I had to move the light about 10 times before finding the lighting I wished to achieve: a morning light effect that goes well together with the "lightness" of the mozzarella and its freshness.

(Alessandro Guerani is a professional photographer specialized in food shooting. He lives in Bologna, Italy, and is available for assignments to create the images you always craved. Read the "About me" or contact him using the "Mail me" in the blog menu above.)

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Girish D Joshi said...


I came over from Dario's post on facebook. Thanks for such a nice explanation on light and how to use it.

Also, I had a look at your portrait, brilliant work there. Totally mind blowing. Inspiring work.


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