Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tortelli di Patate al Sugo di Nana

tortelli di patate al sugo di nana

I didn't translate the name of this recipe because it's so traditional that, sincerely, would not be the same once spelled in a different language.

Nana, in Tuscan dialect, is that nice bird that, in English, is called a duck.

Although nice Tuscan cuisine, however, make a great sauce with duck, a sauce that pairs perfectly with the typical fresh pasta of the Mugello: Tortelli di Patate (potato filled tortelli).

Tortelli di Patate are big, soft, squared-shaped ravioli made with fresh pasta, stuffed with boiled potatoes flavored with nutmeg and garlic and parsley sautéed together.

It 'a very old recipe, already in XV century a poet in the court of Lorenzo de' Medici praised their qualities. Once their filling was made ​​with chestnuts, replaced only in more recent times (about half of XIX century) with one prepared with potatoes.

(Alessandro Guerani is a professional photographer specialized in food shooting. He lives in Bologna, Italy, and is available for assignments to create the images you always craved. Read the "About me" or contact him using the "Mail me" in the blog menu above.)

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studena said...

Impressive! Can you tell me please with what kind of lens you have photographed? Thank you!

Alessandro Guerani said...


Rodenstock Sironar 150/5.6

studena said...

Thank you very much. I like your style very much - simple but very impressive, very telling. I`m only food-photography fan and amateur but I can learned from your pics very much. Thanks for sharing, and all the best for you :)

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